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Deckers Outdoor Corp. In the first quarter the profit report said that because its uggs on sale cheap. brand sale is strong, continues two figure growths by the Teva brand sales volume, therefore the Deckers overall sale situation is excellent. Up to October 31 this quarter, the company announced uggs on sale cheap that the profit rises 47% compared to the same period, climbs to 18,100,000 US dollars, each income 1.37 US dollars. Compared same time last year 12,400,000 US dollars to have enhanced largely. The current quarter sales volume grows 16%, climbs to 155,900,000 US dollars, same time last year the sales volume was 134,200,000 US dollars. And, the uggs on sale cheap sales volume grows 14%, climbs to 104,400,000 US dollars, the Teva sales volume rises 20%, climbs to 43,200,000 US dollars. Angel Martinez Chairman concurrently chief executive officer Angel Martinez said: “our first quarter's profit displays is higher than far anticipated, mainly receives the uggs on sale cheap good sale tendency as well as the Teva brand continues the result which two figures grow impel.” From now on uggs on sale cheap as well as Teva will expand the product line, causes the product uggs on sale cheap no longer too to rely on the weather. Because the quarter achievement is strong, this company has adjusted the annual instruction plan. At present corporate goal each profit grows approximately 11%, amounts to each 9.92 US dollars, the total sales volume climbs to 918,900,000 US dollars.